Manga Monday

Manga Mondays is a weekly meme originally created by Alison @ Alison Can Read in order to explore the world of manga (Japanese comic books). On Monday I will make a post dedicated to manga (reviews, discussions, etc). One of the great things about manga is that there is a plethora of genres–ranging from humor to romance to action/adventure to horror and so much more. Manga contains such a broad spectrum that not only can kids enjoy reading it but so can adults.

There are 5 categories of manga aimed towards different age groups of people:

  • Shōjo Manga is aimed towards young girls. Often involving romance, and coming of age elements.
  • Shōnen Manga are primarily written for young boys. Often containing hero adventure elements, action, and slap-stick comedy.
  • Josei Manga are written for young adult women, ages 18-30. These have a more realistic romance than shōjo manga. Also contains more mature, sexual themes.
  • Seinen Manga are mainly for the young adult male crowd, ages 18-30. These emphasize story line and character development rather than action. Also contains more mature, sexual themes.
  • Seijin Manga contains sexually explicit content. Also known as hentai.

American Manga Publishers

When I do manga reviews it will be primarily review manga translated from the original Japanese into English. Some English manga publishers include:

  • Tokyo Pop | Originally founded as MixxMedia in 1997
  • Viz Media | Publishing manga in America since 1987
  • Yen Press | A division of Hachette Book Group; founded in 2006
  • Kodansha Comics | A subsidiary of Kodansha, Japan’s largest publisher established in 2008
  • Dark Horse Manga | A division of Dark Horse Comics; publishing manga since 1987

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