Tadoku Contest ROUND 2 Wrap Up!

It’s the end of June which means it’s also the end of Tadoku Contest Round! At the beginning of the month I set myself the ridiculous goal of reading 1000 pages (ha!)

I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t as committed to Tadoku as I should have, but when I did have time I made sure to read at least of couple of sentences in Japanese. In the beginning I had a compulsive need to use rikaikun or look up words I came across that I wasn’t familiar with (when I read Magic Kaito I had 3 pages–front and back–full of words!). But looking up words made reading a slow process and that isn’t what Tadoku is all about.

I eventually stumbled upon a really helpful post by Mikoto who shares her Tadoku thought process, which is essentially similar to using context clues only for Japanese. This completely helped. I stopped worrying about not completely understanding a word or kanji and just read. I actually felt I was learning something. In the end I didn’t read as much as I’d hope but, I’m actually pretty proud of myself for reading as much Japanese as I did. I’m still learning and any progress is good progress in my opinion.

This month I  read a mix of manga, short children stories and lyrics and read a total of 116.81 pages.



Short Stories

ふたりゆうれい | A strong-willed man investigates the rumors of a haunted temple.

鉢かづき姫 | The story of Princess Hachikazuki (The Japanese version of Cinderella).

天の羽衣 | A hunter finds an angel’s feathered robe and falls in love.


Story by MONKEY MAJIK | Lyrics

MONKEY MAJIK is a band that gives off an indie rock feel. They are the first Japanese band I fell in love with and I’m a huge fan. At lot of their songs are either entirely in English, all in Japanese or a mix of both.

Flower Song by EXILE | Lyrics

EXILE has a more pop-ish, R&B sound to them. The cinematography and choreography in their music videos always astound me and are always a joy to watch. The dancing does remind me a little of the synchronized group dancing of Bollywood.

Shooting Star by CREAM | Lyrics

CREAM is an amazing upbeat hip-hop duo full of charisma and style. Before they made their debut album, I originally stumbled onto their Youtube channel where they primarily made covers and awesome Japanese remakes of English songs.

I also learned the opening song to Attack on Titan ;p

Tell me your thoughts. Did you participate in this month’s Tadoku Contest or plan to join in the next one? Are you currently learning a language? If so, what is your experience?


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