READ MORE OR DIE! Tadoku Challenge! (多読コンテスト)

Do you have a twitter account? Are you learning a different language and looking for fun ways to motivate you? If you said yes to any of those questions, then the Tadoku Contest 2013 may be for you! 🙂

What is Tadoku (多読)?

Tadoku (多読) literally means extensive reading. The Tadoku Contest is a contest held on Twitter to challenge you to read more in the designated language(s) you are learning. You can set yourself a target goal and try to accomplish that by the end of the month.The great thing about this contest is that you’re not just limited to reading only books. Reading text from games, newspapers, manga, etc are acceptable as well. As long as you’re reading, you’re doing fine.

The Tadoku 2013 Round 2 register has just opened, so if you’re interested I suggest reading over the manual and join in the fun!


I’ve set myself a goal of 1000 pages by the end of the month. This might be a little ambitious for me, but it’s worth a shot. I’ll be mostly reading the Japanese manga I own and possibly some light novels as well.

If you’re participating, come chat with me on my Twitter account. I’ll be happy to reply 🙂

Happy reading everyone!


One thought on “READ MORE OR DIE! Tadoku Challenge! (多読コンテスト)

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